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ECM Scaffold

Extra cellular matrix (ECM) providing the micro-environment for the cells is unique in each type of tissue.
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Drug Delivery

Drug Delivery Materials

A whole variety of drugs could theoretically be integrated ranging from growth factors to bioactive small molecules.
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Neuron Hydrogels

The ability to form controlled 3D neural networks would provide an important tool for investigating the pathogenesis/repair in neurological diseases and to study signal transduction and plasticity.
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Schiff-Base Crosslinking

We explore a method in which MSC condensations can be formed reliably utilizing a Schiff base reaction between modified polysaccharides.
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Sulfated Biopolymers

Current cartilage tissue engineering approaches involve taking a biopsy from a non-loadbearing healthy part of joint and isolation of chondrocytes to combine with materials/scaffolds in order to implant them to the defect site.
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