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3D Bioprinting is an upcoming technology defined as the deposition of biologically relevant materials in a three dimensional space. Although 3D printers are advancing fast in the field of rapid prototyping, there is onyl a very limited amount of materials available for bioprinting. Our laboratroy is investigating new ways and materials to employ 3D bioprinting as a technology for cartilage tissue engineering.


Craniofacial Graft Manufacturing

Rapid manufacturing or rapid prototyping includes several manufacturing methods such as stereolitography, fuse deposition, inkjet and extrusion printing.
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ECM Particle Bioprinting

Extra cellular matrix (ECM) providing the micro-environment for the cells is unique in each type of tissue.
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Bio-Ink Development

Bioprinting allows us to spatially organize cells, molecules and materials and create 3-dimensional structures.
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Growth Factor Patterning

In nature, cells are residing in a complex environment composed of different cells, soluble growth factors and extracellular matrix.
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